Nick Niesen

Nick Niesen

Someone had to do something with their life. - Maybe someone had something to say. Maybe they had something to do. Maybe because everything you believe is true. There is no start, there is no end, so let's keep moving forward and we will spend what we can. There are some days life is like a dream and others where it is real. You choose the destination and however we get there I will see you at the end.

Things I do in life, not always what I choose. With destiny on my side there will be nothing left to hide.

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I have been designing, developing and coding websites since 1995. I started shortly after Yahoo came online and was browsing before they existed. Imagine that, the internet without a search engine, or even a web directory. All you could do was move from one page to the next and remember the pages that you liked.

Things have changed since then. A lot.

In the early 2000’s I ran sites that attracted millions of people. My passion for creating websites and garnering the attention of the masses took every bit of energy I had and my disposal. I worked 40 hour shifts and rarely took a day off. This is what it took.

I took a lot out of me. After years of running huge websites with 50,000+ links and more traffic then my server could possibly handle, I gave it up. On the surface, it doesn’t make any sense. But the more you read and the more time I spend telling my story. The more you will understand. So yes, I have been there. It’s my life’s work and my expectation that if I spend enough time chomping away at the bit, my work will be seen again. But this time, things will be different.

Until then. Enjoy what I have here for you, there is plenty more to come. All in the way of words, art, music and programming. Eventually, I will catch up, all of my work and many of my thoughts will be published.

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