Nick Niesen

Nick Niesen

Someone had to do something with their life. - Maybe someone had something to say. Maybe they had something to do. Maybe because everything you believe is true. There is no start, there is no end, so let's keep moving forward and we will spend what we can. There are some days life is like a dream and others where it is real. You choose the destination and however we get there I will see you at the end.

Things I do in life, not always what I choose. With destiny on my side there will be nothing left to hide.

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Painting is something I do occasionally, this usually happens in phases and like any art form requires the right frame of mind.


A collection of a few of my favorite photos. It’s difficult to put together a complete collection and I have no plans to do so by any means. I have taken thousands of photos, these are a few of my favorites.


One of my favorite hobbies in my early 20’s was drawing. I spent many hours doing this and filled up a number of sketch books, here are a few of my favorite pieces.

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